POSTED 19th Nov '19

AkzoNobel and Pinmar sign Letter of Intent to bring Awlfair SF to yacht owners


Following collaboration with several shipyards and applicators during the initial product testing phase, AkzoNobel and Pinmar have signed a Letter of Intent to partner in studying the optimum application process for Awlfair SF.

Awlfair SF is a new spray filler product from the Awlgrip brand, and by working with one of the leading super yacht coatings application companies, AkzoNobel aims to identify the process that best leverages both the spray technology as well as the unique properties of the newly launched filler. The study will be further supported by AkzoNobel’s partners Hogg and Graco, developers of the spray equipment and the components used to apply Awlfair SF, respectively.

Delivering the operational performance applicators and builders have come to expect from Awlgrip, Awlfair SF is distinct because it is applied by pressurised airless spray rather than hand application. This allows for wet-on-wet application, and the application of up to two coatings per day without the need for sanding between coats. On top of this, spray application eliminates air pockets during application, resulting in reduced reworking and improved aesthetics.

By nature of its application, Awlfair SF will require a re-think of the traditional superyacht filling and fairing process, geared towards hand application. As part of the Letter of Intent, Pinmar will provide AkzoNobel with its technical expertise and experience to identify the application process that best guarantees the superior quality of Awlfair SF. In order to analyze the results of the various application methods, there is an intention to engage Wrede Consulting, one of the world’s leading paint surveyors, allowing for an objective validation of the study’s results.

“The Awlfair SF product is a major development in superyacht fillers, and alongside the adoption of the right application methodology offers a step change both in time and quality for the fairing of new build yachts,” said Remy Millott, Chief Executive Officer at GYG plc. “We are delighted to collaborate with our longstanding partner AkzoNobel in bringing their product and our methodology to market. Pinmar has built its reputation on being at the forefront of new technologies and standards in superyacht finishing. We look forward to working closely with AkzoNobel and the Awlgrip brand as a part of this exciting new innovation.”

“We are delighted to invest in our long-term partnership with Pinmar in order to help the Super Yacht industry transition to a superior filler application methodology,” added Bilal Salahuddin, Yacht Coatings Director at AkzoNobel.

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