POSTED 21st Dec '22

Pinmar introduces electrostatic paint application to the US superyacht refit market


Pinmar has recently refinished two large superyachts in the USA using their highly successful electrostatic topcoat application method. This is a significant milestone as Pinmar is the first company to bring this technology into the US superyacht market.

We have been performing electrostatic topcoat applications for many years across Europe, bringing the many quality, environmental and working condition benefits to refit projects and their workforce.

The US projects were completed on an 87m motor yacht in Savannah Yacht Center, Savannah Georgia, and a 76m motor yacht in Safe Harbor (Rybovich), West Palm Beach, Florida.

A highly skilled team of topcoat specialists supported by a technical and management team arrived from Spain to oversee the works, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in a collaboration with Pinmar’s USA-based professional application team.

Alexander Swain, President of Pinmar USA said “I’m delighted with the outcome of these two projects following a great effort from our teams on both sides of the Atlantic, and we appreciate the trust and support of the shipyards and yacht management. It is a significant milestone within the industry to introduce electrostatic paint application to the US superyacht market and these are the first of many electrostatic applications to come.”

As the pioneers of electrostatic adoption in the superyacht sector, Pinmar worked closely with leading spray equipment manufacturer Ransburg and paint manufacturers to develop this technique for superyachts using existing products on a large scale, with results showing significant benefits.

Electrostatic application offers considerable advantages over conventional paint spraying. The improved transfer efficiency massively reduces the amount of overspray during applications, providing better working conditions during large applications for the workforce, less emissions, less dust, and a higher quality finish overall. It has been proven that a greater dry film thickness (DFT) can be achieved using this technique, which benefits the owners with better operational and cosmetic performance of the coatings.

During a refit period the benefits of the electrostatic performance allow larger areas of a yacht to be painted at once, in turn reducing the number of individual paint shoots required. The technology allows Pinmar to reduce and de-risk delivery and refit schedules, providing long term benefits to both shipyards and yacht owners.

“Electrostatic paint application was developed in the automotive and aerospace paint sectors, and we immediately recognised the advantages it could offer for painting large superyachts” explains Remy Millott, CEO of Pinmar’s parent group, GYG Ltd.

“It’s much more efficient in terms of paint transfer resulting in considerably less environmental impact whilst enabling us to improve working conditions and meet demanding refit schedules on  superyachts. The results and benefits are proven, and I am very excited to expand this into the very important US superyacht refit market. 

“We are invested in sharing technologies across all our locations that yield a positive impact for the shipyards, the clients, the environment, and better overall long-term performance for the yacht owners” concludes Remy.

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