POSTED 10th Aug '21

Pinmar’s USA workforce completes AkzoNobel product portfolio training ready for the upcoming Refit season


As the global market leader in superyacht finishing, it is vital that we approach the upcoming Refit season fully prepared with up-to-date knowledge of new products and the techniques required to get the best out of them.

Our latest round of global training initiatives saw a selection of our USA-based paint teams and project managers invited to an intensive three-day course hosted by AkzoNobel at their Stephen Smith Yacht Paint Application Center in Florida. This perfect facility provides both classroom based and practical spray booth training sessions, all of which were delivered by Awlgrip specialist Bob Lalonde.

The Pinmar attendees were given a full breakdown of the AkzoNobel yacht coating product stack and were shown specific mixing techniques to get the best performance out of products such as Maxcor CF, Washprime CF, Hullgard Extra, Awlfair, F-line, G-line, SE, Non-Skid and HDT.

Along with training on each individual product, the attendees were also given an overview of the specific tools, equipment, techniques and procedures required for a successful paint shoot such as configuring the paint guns and preparation of materials.

Practical lessons highlighted proper application techniques with a focus on blending solid single stage products such as SE solid colours, applying metallic finishes, and working with HDT solid colour and clear coat applications. Demonstrations were also held on the differences in finish based on topcoat reducer quantities, and new products were introduced like the Awlcraft CS matt clear coat range.

A valuable Q&A session brought the programme to a close, where all those involved could discuss any issues, concerns or practical difficulties they may have experienced across the AkzoNobel portfolio during training or real-world applications.

The Pinmar team had a valuable and constructive learning experience, most importantly it was an opportunity for the team to work together, share their knowledge and build confidence in their professional capabilities.

We would like to thank AkzoNobel for their hospitality and ongoing support which helps us offer a premium service to our clients. If you would like to see what Pinmar can do for your next paint project, please contact us on

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