Achieving the perfect paint finish starts well before work on the yacht itself


Whether for a refit, rebuild or new build project, when you select Pinmar for your painting needs you get far more than just four decades of experience at the pinnacle of the superyacht sector.

Our depth of knowledge and paint expertise is complemented by highly refined and evolved quoting, project management, work scheduling, quality control and warranty processes. This allows us not only to accurately quote costs and timings for your project, but it also means we can achieve defined standards that are above industry reference, and back those standards with comprehensive warranties.

It’s our combination of experience and our attention to detail that gives you confidence in us, and which gives us the confidence to say that we will deliver on time, on budget, and on a level unrivalled in the superyacht industry.


Achieving the perfect paint finish starts well before work even begins on the yacht itself and extends not only to the usual measures of gloss, distinction of image and similar acceptance criteria, but also to the quality of the quoting and project management processes.

At Pinmar, we use a combination of our experience, proprietary apps and systems, and historical data spanning more than four decades of superyacht finishing to create the most detailed and accurate quotes possible.

Once accepted, our commercial and quoting team prepare a highly detailed internal document that is passed over to our production department for project scheduling and material planning.


Drawing on more than four decades of experience, Pinmar has developed industry-leading project planning and scheduling processes managed through an advanced, proprietary suite of project management and time management tools.

We run each project, from quote to completion, using a defined and systematic process that guarantees end-to-end project management and flexibility, as well as detailed logging of each step of the process and the products used.

Once a project is completed, our project files are securely stored meaning any aspect of the project can be revisited in detail at any point in the future. This not only means there is a complete history of the project and the products used, it means we can also bolster our warranties with complete confidence.

It is one of the reasons why we are able not only to deliver each project to our industry leading Pinmar Standard, but also give you the confidence that our coatings will look better and last longer.



An objective solution to a subjective process.

As a superyacht owner or a key member of the owner’s team, one of the biggest problems with coatings is laying out in advance what constitutes an acceptable or expected standard of finish. It’s important to establish that observing a paint finish can be a subjective process; everybody sees things slightly differently and environmental conditions can also play a factor.

A pioneer in the coatings application industry, Pinmar decided to address this in 2011 with the introduction of its Pinmar Standard, which sought both to identify measurement methods and to specify acceptance criteria of how a client’s expected paint finish should be measured and agreed.

The Pinmar Paint Standard includes measuring methods and specific acceptance criteria applying to:

Colour Shade, Gloss, Distinction of Image, Paint Film Thickness and Dust, as well as Fairing Straightness and other relevant criteria for New Builds.

Colour Shade  |  Gloss  |  Distinction of Image  |  Film Thickness  |  Dust  |  Fairing Straightness

It was the first time such a defined process had been offered to the industry, and Pinmar continues to refine the standard in light of paint developments and advances, and with consideration to new colours and finishes as they become available to the market.

Discussed, developed and agreed with leading paint manufacturers, the most important elements behind the Pinmar Paint Standard are used to establish if:

The chosen topcoat is fit for purpose

The acceptance criteria can be achieved on the vessel, taking into account the environmental conditions available and the age and condition of the yacht and its existing paint system

The topcoats applied reach the empirically measured expectations of the Client

The 2017 edition of The Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam saw the launch of the Pinmar Paint Standard 2.0. Prompted both by the entry of new paint manufacturers to the market and changes to the technical formulation and performance of superyacht paint products, this new standard gives Pinmar clients an even better understanding of the quality and performance of their paint work, together with improved peace of mind during the warranty period – and beyond.

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